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If your company’s operations involve any level of interaction with foreign markets or local customers that speak a foreign language, you need your important documents and other content translated so everyone can stay on the same page. In today’s global market, just about every business operates across language borders or at least wants to be doing so. While there’s a lot of customers to reach just in the local community, eventually, a company has to grow and reach new markets where the language will likely differ.

There are always new market segments that could be reached via new marketing campaigns and through the development of international business deals. One of the best ways to expand your business is to branch out into the international market, but then you face the difficulties of effectively navigating the linguistic and cultural barriers that inevitably arise. To break through the language barriers, you’ll need a reputable translation agency like GlobalSpeak Translations.

Why You Need a Translation Agency

Tackling your translation needs on your own can be a very risky decision. It doesn’t matter if you are translating one document or several – the reputation of your business is on the line each and every time you translate a document. Only a quality translation agency can be trusted to open up new opportunities for your company, effectively communicate with customers of many different languages, provide translations that are completely accurate, protect you from legal repercussions of translation, and maintain consistency across your brand in every language.

GlobalSpeak Translations is able to offer you all these benefits, making us a great choice when choosing the right translation agency.

Business Opportunities 

Your business could be doing very well domestically, but there are surely other potential customers all over the world who could benefit from your products or services. When it’s time to expand, translation services can make that possible, opening up new business opportunities for you to take advantage of. When you’re ready for your business to branch out into multiple countries, GlobalSpeak Translations will be ready to make those business opportunities available for you.

Effective Communication

When you do open your company up to those new markets, you’ll need to make sure you can be fully understood. Whether you’re trying to establish your business in the international market for the indefinite future or are taking on a short-term project with a business in another country, you need to be able to effectively communicate with the other party.

All professional translators at GlobalSpeak Translations have a thorough understanding of both languages that you and the countries you’ll be doing business with will be using. With their translation skills, we can help you bridge a language barrier coming onto the scene of an international business venture. With our assistance as a technical translations company, all communication interactions will be able to effectively take place without a snag.


All of the business achievements that translation services can bring you come as a result of highly accurate translations. A translation that is lacking in accuracy could, on the other hand, cost your business a lot. One small typo could set a project back significantly, and you do not want a small detail to cost you thousands of dollars. So, no matter what products or services your business specializes in, you need to know that the materials you provide to the other party are accurate and precise.

Even if inaccurate translations would not set your company back financially or endanger the safety of anyone on the job site, providing the other party with accurate translations ensures that your business is viewed as professional and competent. A good reputation could lead to future business deals with other international businesses, so be proactive and hire a translation agency that can make your business stand out from the competition. With our complete dedication to translations that are absolutely accurate, GlobalSpeak Translations stands out as a strong choice for a quality translation agency.

Legal Obligations 

Often, getting translations for your business documents isn’t even really a choice. Certain laws can make properly translated materials an obligation, and you wouldn’t want one small mistake causing major problems for your company. Whether you are working with a domestic attorney who specializes in international law or working closely with a foreign attorney, you need to make sure that you are providing them with accurate translations that convey precisely what you mean. You cannot take the risk of an error causing legal problems for your business.

You can protect your company from lawsuit or other legal discrepancy over translations by choosing a reputable translation agency. At GlobalSpeak Translations, we understand that language is everything when it comes to legal matters. Language is also what we specialize in, so you can be sure that all the proper measures will be taken for absolute precision in your translations, ensuring legal obligations are met.


As your company grows and you take on new markets or craft documents that build on existing ones, your brand and messaging will remain their strongest if consistency can be achieved. This must also be true of your new translations. Whether you’re taking on a short-term project or a business deal that extends through the indefinite future, you need to know that your translations are consistent.

Many translation agencies will assign different translators with varied backgrounds to ongoing translation projects, making it difficult to provide consistently translated documents to the other party. At GlobalSpeak Translations, however, we give careful attention to the cadence and dialect we use in your translations, ensuring that your business remains consistent and professional in every interaction. When you choose to work with GlobalSpeak Translations, you can trust that we will provide you with consistently high-quality translations so your business can continue to succeed.

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Whether you need professional translations for the oil and gas industry or brand localization for an upcoming marketing campaign, we have the team and the resources to get the job done correctly and on time. The decision of a translation agency for your company can take a lot of time as you want to make the right choice. If you’re ready to make the exceptional choice in GlobalSpeak Translations, go ahead and get in touch for your free quote.