How many types of translation are there? What are the most important ones? Are there different types of translators? Read the article below and you will have answers to these questions and know more about a very important industry that affects the lives of nearly everyone on the planet!

  • Legal Translation: Legal translation services have many subdivisions as the law is a very complex area. One of these subdivisions is international contracts. As you can probably imagine, translation of this kind must be precise. A translator in this field requires an in-depth knowledge of specific terminology, depending on each industry.

  • Medical Translation: Medical translators work for healthcare providers, doctors, and companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry. Just as with legal translation there is little to no room for errors. Every word matters, so subjective interpretation and substitutions must be kept to a minimum. In these situations, the right translation can be the difference on whether or not a person survives,

  • Industry and Technical Translation: Technical translation is one of the most complex and productive specializations for translators worldwide. It often includes lengthy technical documentation and specific words, therefore, translators must have more than a passive knowledge of industry-related terminology. Software and tech companies often need translators for user manuals, technical user guides, product specifications, technical descriptions, lists of spare parts, and many other industry-specific documents.

  • Script Translation: Script translation is vital nowadays because so many popular movies and TV shows are coming out of Hollywood and being dubbed into several languages in order to facilitate a worldwide release. For example, The Harry Potter series was released into dozens of languages each requiring its own script adaptation.

  • Financial Translation: This field of financial translation is about all financial documents like bank records, statements, account statements and more. Oftentimes, information needs to be translated to make it easier for the target audience to comprehend. Translators in this field must be able to convert figures and different currencies for different audiences.

These are a few of the specializations for translators, mostly based on current global market trends. However, businesses today operate in ever-changing dynamic environments. This is why businesses should be ready to hire a well-rounded translation service that can handle many kinds of translations. Our global language services make us a leader in translation services. Whether you are looking for a Spanish translator in Houston or a Chinese medical document translated in Los Angeles we are prepared to help ensure your business can successfully face the challenges of the 21st century and global economy.