The terms translation and interpretation are often used as synonyms for each other.  Although they both are linguistic disciplines and deal with communicating across different languages, they are their own mediums. Each has its own skills and training that best allows the professional to work with what client needs.  


In short, translation is done with written text. A translator must take into context not only the text itself, but also the geographical location of the author. Understanding where the author is from will help to make sure that any colloquialisms and unique vocabulary terms that may be present are accurately translated into the target language. Translators use many different reference points such as computer programs and books to convey the message of the material to the reader. Examples of where we see translations are in movie subtitles, books, and across general multimedia. Especially in the global world of the 21st century, more and more websites are being entirely translated into different languages to appeal to international customers. Translations must be precise, thorough and accompany a great understanding of how to write in the target language. 


Interpretation also requires that the professional be acquainted in the language, but unlike the translator who sits with a text, an interpreter is on the spot doing an oral interpretation for the client. These live translations are done during conferences, sporting events, interviews, and even medical appointments. An interpreter relies on their ability to clearly communicate the content of the client to the intended audience. The underlying goal of interpretation is to create seamless conversation that feels natural. Not only must the interpreter have an extensive vocabulary and grammar knowledge in both languages, but they must be incredibly familiar with the industry of the client and audience. Experience also plays a key factor on the success of an interpreter. 

At GlobalSpeak Translations, we have over 25 years of experience in the field. Our global interpreting services have been used by professionals in a variety of fields and industries. We are proud to be a professional translation company and look forward to helping you bridge the barriers of communication through our professional, reliable, service.