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When disaster strikes, it’s imperative that everyone knows what they need to do. There is no time to lose during an emergency situation. Emergency procedures and other types of disaster relief documents need to quickly become accessible in a language that the victims can understand. Where the population has limited understanding of the English language, translation services become critical in getting out urgent communications.

Emergencies occur all over the world, including in places where multiple languages are spoken and where those that speak a different language might not be very proficient in English. Here in Houston, where GlobalSpeak Translations is based, Hurricane Harvey was one such example. Without professional translators to make important Hurricane relief documents clear for Spanish speakers, many would have been left lost on what to do. Things could have gotten a lot worse for some Houstonians as the city faced disaster. Fortunately, those offering translation services, including GlobalSpeak Translations, stepped up with quality translations of disaster relief documents.

How Disaster Relief Documents Are Translated

When a professional translation company handles disaster relief documents, they make sure that nothing gets lost in the translation. With lives on the line, accuracy of the translation, clarity of the writing, and efficiency in getting it done are all more important than ever. The quality of translation services can make all the difference during an emergency.

Translators should understand not just the languages they will be working with, but also the culture of the document’s audience. With a thorough understanding of the various factors that make up a document translation, a good translator can bring efficient communication into a disaster situation that involves non-English speaking victims. Not every translator can be trusted with a project where clear communication is of such importance. Only a team of experts with experience in this type of translation can ensure quality results.

The Work GlobalSpeak Translations Has Done on Disaster Relief Documents

The professional translators at GlobalSpeak Translations are experts in translating a message to be easily understood by its audience, no matter what language it’s needed in. We only produce high quality document translations for every project we take on. This dedication extends beyond work done for our clients and into pro-bono work done for the good of the community.

During Hurricane Harvey, we recognized the need Houston had for quality translations of disaster relief documents. We couldn’t let our neighbors struggle for lacking the information needed to get through this time of crisis. GlobalSpeak Translations extended its services, at no charge, to translate documents that provide information and guidance regarding the storm’s aftermath. Providing an excellent example of the quality of our work, the publication, “Harvey Crisis Response Guide,” written by the Baker Botts law firm, was translated into Spanish by our translation experts. You can check out the Spanish version of this document, which provides translated information on what to do after Hurricane Harvey and how to secure information for assistance in this time of emergency, here:

Download Spanish Harvey Crisis Response Guide

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