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Oil and gas is a specialized industry and projects within it depend on absolute precision in the technical language used. As business within oil and gas takes place on a global scale, much of its communication must be done in more than one language. Technical documents are translated for employees working on foreign sites and, in the oil and gas industry, there is no room for mistakes.

When dealing with huge projects that are worth a great deal of money, a miscommunication caused by translation can be critical. Incorrect translations can also threaten the safety or crew and misunderstanding can lead to injury. You can ensure your translation of important oil and gas materials is precise by going to a trusted translation professionals.

An Imprecise Translation Could Cost You

In order to save money, you might avoid going to professional translators, thinking you can get a better deal by doing it yourself, asking for help from a bilingual employee, or relying on translation software. However, these methods can end up costing you when your translation turns out to be imprecise.

Even if you’re familiar with two languages and use them to communicate while working in the oil and gas industry, you still may not have writing skills at the professional translation level. Translators working on projects for specialized fields need more than just to know both languages. They also have the superior writing abilities in the target language required for precise translations.

You also shouldn’t simply turn to your bilingual employees. Understanding and speaking two languages does not make someone capable of efficiently translating for the oil and gas industry. Technical translations require a very strong grasp of the written language as well as specialized knowledge of the industry. Translations from bilingual employees who are not qualified to translate your documents can end up costing you more. The additional duties of translation will require raising their salary, but you may still need to pay a professional if the translations are not precise enough.

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Using a translation software may seem like a convenient way to get your translation, but the technology is still not as reliable as a human professional. Software like Google Translate will often give translations that are too literal. And when trying to translate the technical content of the oil and gas industry, you run into even more problems. When you need precise translations, you’re better off relying on a human professional who can understand both languages with precision.

Professionals Ensure Precision in Oil and Gas Translations

When working on translations for the oil and gas industry, you need a subject matter expert. They can come to the project with knowledge or the processes and technical terms of the oil and gas industry. Using subject matter experts ensures translated content is understood by people working in this technical field. Our professional translators are experts in the oil and gas industry and can ensure precision in the translation of your materials.

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When approaching every translation project, professionals will make sure they know who the audience and what the context of the content is. Translations for the oil and gas industry cannot be done in a one-size-fits-all format. Professionals know this and recognize the need to have a thorough understanding of who they’re right for. Translating a document into Mexican Spanish instead of Spain Spanish is just as different as writing in American English versus British English.

Whichever language is being dealt with on an oil and gas translation project, it is important that the translator have native proficiency in the language. It is not enough to just know both languages, because every language has its nuances and cultural phrases that only a native can grasp. No matter how much study has been dedicated to the language or translation, the project is best undertaken by a professional working within their native languages.

By trusting your oil and gas translation projects to professionals, such as the technical translators at GlobalSpeak Translations, you can ensure precision in your translated content. Our translators are trained experts and can provide you with the highest quality translation.

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For the most precise translation for the oil and gas industry, you’ll want to go with professionals like our technical translators at GlobalSpeak Translations. Do you need translation services for the oil and gas industry? Reach out to us with our contact form or a quick phone call and we’ll let you know how our team can help with your project.