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Confidently Sign when Agreements are Binding

International Contract Law

Companies need an advocate when contracting outside the United States

Contract Negotiations

Support for your legal team in real-time with interpreters

Confidently Expand Your Global Reach

Global business opportunities that increase sales and revenue.

Thorough – Experienced – Professional

Giving You a Competive edge with negotiations

Don’t take unnecessary risks with careless contracting in another country. We’ll support your negotiations with language clarity.

Know What Laws and Regulations Pertain to Your Business

Know how international law affects your company. Not knowing is not a reason to avoid compliance.

Review Contract Language with a Language Expert

Take the risk out of contracting with a local service, equipment or materials provider.

Localize Bids to Address Competition

Know what to address when you are in an international competitive bidding process.

Business Law Translations of Legal Contracts

Businesses need to familiarize themselves with the business laws and regulations of the foreign country, ensuring compliance and minimizing legal risks to your operations. Don’t let misunderstood law be a show-stopper.

Interpreting Contract Language by Professionals

Misreading or incorrectly interpreting contract language in a foreign country can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and legal complications that may jeopardize business relationships and financial interests.

Localized Bids and Contracts

Bidding with local companies internationally can create competitive risk. Contract language can address localized bids and address potential weaknesses up front.