What Is Localization?

While localization is closely related to the translation services that we also offer, translation and localization services are very different things. Translation involves converting text from one language to another, but localization goes beyond this process and may not even require translation at all. localization company

Adapting an American brand’s presence to Britain, for example, may require changes of a date’s formatting as British people write day before month, the listing of prices to account for an exchange rate to pounds, and also local slang with terms like “nappy” being the accepted one in place of “diaper”. All of this may have to be done despite the fact that the British target audience technically speaks the exact same language, so no actual translation needs to be done.

Localization services is a very unique language service, and includes many different possible changes, including formatting, phrasing, and otherwise adjusting for culturally-specific features. By incorporating culture and other nuances to language embedded in a country, you can provide a richer experience for your global audience. This is what content localization services from GlobalSpeak Translations offers to businesses looking to expand to markets around the world. Instead of just getting basic translation services, adapt for specific target markets with video game localization, website localization, or localization services for any other content platform.

GlobalSpeak Translations has the skilled professionals to help you get localized content for each new region you’re hoping to reach with your marketing. We can help your brand deliver its message in a way that best connects with the intended audience, no matter the language, culture, or location.

Why Choose GlobalSpeak Translations?

Our professional translation and localization services both offer high quality results for clients in varying industries. With our highly experienced translators, you are guaranteed both language and industry expertise being brought to your website localization and other content localization services. WIth GlobalSpeak Translations, you can be confident about not making any crucial mistakes when bringing your brand into new markets around the globe. The translation and localization services we offer at GlobalSpeak Translations take into account every detail and will ensure the right message is put out for every segment of your global audience.

To elevate your brand with localized content, let us break through language and cultural barriers for you. All it takes is filling out our simple form and you will have all the information you need to make the right decision on the best localization services. We’ll send you over a quote and you can get started right away with a localization process that guarantees high quality results.

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