With more than two decades of experience in the translation industry, GlobalSpeak Translations provides legal document translation services, as well as legal interpretation services for an extensive variety of legal materials.

Our technical translation approach is designed to provide accurate, dependable translations, regardless of the source language, target language, or judicial matter. Each juridical translation is handled by a professional, industry-specific translator who is a native speaker of the target language, fluent in the source language, and who possesses a thorough understanding of your legal field.


Why Use Our Legal Document Translations Services?

  • Accuracy: As we mentioned above, every detail matters when you are dealing with legal materials. One incorrectly translated paragraph could lead to potential lawsuits and monetary losses, and you don’t want your company’s bottom line to suffer because of a poorly translated document. Hiring a professional legal document translation company ensures that your judicial document will be handled with the precision demanded by the legal field. It also protects your company when doing business internationally, ensuring that all aspects of the contracts or agreements are unquestioned and understood by every party involved.
  • Protection: Security and confidentiality are two of the most important elements of any legal proceeding. Our juridical translation team takes an immense amount of pride in providing our clients with discreet and confidential service in every project we take on.
  • Professionalism: Many people choose to hire freelance translators to save money, but this can be detrimental in two different ways. First, there is no guarantee that the translations will be accurate and precise, which can lead to the legal and financial consequences we discussed above. Second, hiring a freelance interpreter can make your business look unprofessional to any other parties involved in the proceeding. Instead of taking a risk by hiring a freelance legal translator, invest in the peace of mind you deserve by hiring GlobalSpeaking Translations.
  • Cultural expertise: Multilanguage legal translations require a thorough knowledge of both the legal system in the United States as well as extensive knowledge of foreign legal systems. GlobalSpeak Translations employs linguistic experts who are thoroughly versed in various fields of both domestic and international law.
  • Satisfaction: We will always check to ensure that the final submission meets all of your specifications by your project’s due date.

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