In companies belonging to just about every industry, there’s a need for the HR translations that GlobalSpeak Translations provides. Within each of these companies, the HR departments fulfill an important role in handling the challenges of bringing together and building up a solid and united workforce. One major barrier that can keep members of a team in any business from uniting is an inability to communicate.

In our increasingly multilingual world, if language becomes a barrier for your human resources department, you’re in trouble. Issues associated with lacking professionally translated HR documents range from minor miscommunications and resulting misunderstandings to serious legal complications. To avoid the disastrous consequences of immigrant or multinational employees not understanding the language used by your company’s HR professionals, you’ll need high-quality HR translation services. For complete understanding through all your professional communication, you can turn to GlobalSpeak Translations.

Maintain Company Values Around the World

With globalization in full force, business growth has not been limited to one country. More and more companies are now choosing to step outside of borders and be a part of the global workforce. Of course, having these multinational teams as part of your business plans can often present many new communication challenges, particularly for the HR department. If you’re looking to expand your company into new locations around the world, you’ll also want to make sure to invest in quality HR translation services.

GlobalSpeak Translations can help you to bridge communication gaps between your employees around the globe. It can be difficult to build the same bonds that exist among employees in the same building for your multinational workforce, but your HR manuals, employee handbooks, and other assets of the HR department can be a great place to start. Let GlobalSpeak Translations help you find the way to connect with your global workforce and communicate your company values around the world with our professional HR translation services.

Prepare Your HR Department for Employees of Different Languages and Cultures

No matter what sort of business you’re in or where it’s located, the most essential thing is making sure your HR department has what it needs for a multilingual workforce, which may include translation services. Companies are increasingly prioritizing diversity among their employees, which is a great thing. However, this language diversity inside of workplaces can create a disaster for communications.

If any of your employees speak a language other than English, or the language primarily used in your HR documents, you need HR translations. With the high quality HR translation services of GlobalSpeak Translations, you can have all the necessary information communicated to employees, no matter what language they speak. Prepare your company’s HR department for the linguistically diverse workforce with HR document translations.

Comply with Human Resources Legal Regulations

Not having your HR documents properly translated can not only lead to inconvenient miscommunication between your employees that speak different languages, but it can also cause real legal problems for you. Any information in those HR documents that your employees are legally required to know or that could ever become important within court absolutely requires translation. You don’t want to take a legal risk when it comes to your company, so translation services for your human resources department cannot be forgotten.

GlobalSpeak Translations can help to protect you for where legal matters play a role in your need for translations of HR documents. Our professional translators know that upholding meaning within your HR documents is very serious and we will make sure to translate every bit of crucial information accurately for every employee to have what they need to know. Protect your business from legal repercussions with high quality HR translation services from GlobalSpeak Translations.

Trust the Experts for Precise and Accurate HR Translations

Fulfilling all these needs for quality HR translations is the job of true translation professionals. Accuracy and precision in your HR document translations is too important to leave to a bilingual employee or computer software. These options may seem like a more cost-effective way to still get exactly what you need done, but they can never match the skill of a trained and experienced HR materials translation specialist. With GlobalSpeak Translations, you know you’re getting quality in your HR translations.

We know that quality is so important for HR translation services. That’s why every one of our professional translators that work on HR documents is an expert in the field. The one assigned to your HR translation will be fluent in both the source language of your HR document and the language it will be translated to. GlobalSpeak Translations will make sure your HR materials are translated with true expertise.

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for your company to get the HR document translations necessary to meet the needs of a linguistically diverse workforce. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.

1. Quote

Your HR translation project will begin with a quote. You can provide our translators with a sample document, or you can provide us with the entire project to give us a better understanding of your needs. We always appreciate more information, as this allows us to develop a more accurate timeline for your project. During this stage is also a great time to provide us with any additional information or special requests.

2. Proposal

One of our project managers will review your HR documents and create a timeline proposal for you to review. This proposal should help you understand how our professional translators will tackle your specific translation project. We will gladly make any necessary adjustments upon request.

3. Document Review

Our HR translation experts will work to gain a thorough understanding of your documents as soon as you have approved the proposed budget and timeline. We know that your expectations are high, and we will carefully select a human resources expert who can quickly become familiar with the content.

4. Translate

The translator assigned to your documents will begin to translate them from the source language into the target language using appropriate, industry-specific language while preserving the context of the original writing.

5. Revisions

One of our technical translation supervisors will review the translated documents before sending them to you for your approval. We will gladly make any changes or revisions upon request.

6. Delivery

Your project manager will review your entire project once more before sending you the final product. We will contact you to ensure that you received the documents and that you are thoroughly satisfied with the work. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need additional HR translations after your project has been completed!

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Technical Translation Needs!

Whenever you’re ready to get started with our HR translations team, we’re ready to get started with your project. We’ve been trusted for years to provide high-quality translation services to companies in a wide range of industries, including for their HR documents.

If you have any questions about our HR translation services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you what we can do for you with an HR translation project.