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What is Scientific Translation?

GlobalSpeak is proud to be trusted by the scientific community to ensure accuracy in the translation of important research and findings that will travel around the world. While science itself may be considered a universal language, the words used to convey scientific ideas and concepts require translation to be understood by scientists of all different countries and cultures.

Globalization and the trend of information being shared by everyone around the globe means that translation of scientific documents are now needed more than ever before. With the quality services of a professional translation company, the results of scientific experiments, research, and investigations can be understood by scientific experts around the world.

Our translators possess the scientific knowledge and strong proficiency in the source language (the original language of your document) and the target language (the desired language for your document) needed to bring your scientific text over to the new language. If you’re interested in getting started with scientific translation services from GlobalSpeak Translations, read on for more information and then get in touch. The form at the bottom allows you to get a quote for your specific scientific translation needs.

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Maintain the Integrity of Scientific Research

The research that scientists conduct can unlock important truths about the universe and crack open new life-changing discoveries, but a lot can be lost when translated into another language if it is done incorrectly. There is no room for error in the translation of scientific texts. Scientific research is continually referred back to and used as sources for new scientific literature. Even many years after publication. These allows for the work to make its mark in countries far away from where the original research was conducted or discovery was made. However, if these quotes are poorly translated, they may end up misrepresenting the original research.

A high quality scientific translation from a reputable professional translation company is the only way to avoid errors in translation that could comprise the reliability of scientific texts. GlobalSpeak Translations can ensure the integrity of scientific research is preserved no matter what languages it goes through. Our technical scientific translators are highly qualified and will make sure that all scientific research and findings are translated with complete accuracy that keeps the original meaning intact through the years.

Allow Your Scientific Findings to Go Global

When your new scientific findings could change the world, you want the whole world to know about it. The best way to get your scientific literature farther out into the world is by making it more accessible to other members of the scientific community around the world through professional scientific translation services. You can easily boost the citation rate of your scientific text by having it translated into top languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, and Portugese. With a high quality translation into one of these languages or any of the other languages that our translators are proficient in, your scientific findings are much more likely to go global.

This spread of scientific information could do much to speed up scientific progress. By connecting scientists and researchers around the world through the removal of the language barriers that hold progress back, scientific translation services greatly benefit the scientific community. Move science along with the rest of the world through high quality translation of scientific texts from GlobalSpeak Translations. Our translators have the expertise for translation and localization that will take your scientific findings out into the world on a global scale.

Achieve Accurate Translations of Scientific Terms

The translation of scientific texts must be very particular in order to capture and effectively convey the meaning of very specific scientific terminology. It is not enough for translators to have a general understanding of the language, because scientific documents are often filled with terms specific to the field of science. Someone without scientific knowledge might have trouble providing accurate scientific translation. To ensure your scientific documents are handled with care by translators with experience, put your trust in a professional translation company.

GlobalSpeak Translations has experience working on translations for the scientific community and we only hire the best in scientific translators. Our professional scientific translators have the technical knowledge as well as expert craftsmanship of the languages needed for translation services worthy of use by universities, colleges, and research institutions for scientific text. With scientific translators that are experts of scientific language, translation from GlobalSpeak Translations guarantees accuracy in the translation of scientific terms.

Trust the Experts for Scientific Translation

While other options may be cheaper, only high quality professional translation services are worth the investment. Technology for the translation industry continues to improve at an impressive rate, but none of its advancements have yet to bring it to the same level as what you can get from a real expert of scientific translation. Other methods of translation might cost you less in the short term, but GlobalSpeak Translations gives you an accurate translation the first time, drastically reducing the time and costs associated with the overall project.

All of our industry-specific translators are highly trained and up-to-date on the latest needs of their respective industries. Scientific translation at GlobalSpeak Translations is only handled by native-language translators who have a strong amount of scientific knowledge. The translator that takes on your project will be proven to be able to meet your precise needs, and an insufficient translation would be unacceptable. You can trust in receiving excellence from us, as we strive to deliver only the highest quality scientific translations, just as we have throughout our 25 years of experience in the translation services industry.

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible to get the scientific translations you need for the progress of science. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.


Every scientific translation project we take on begins with a quote. You can upload a sample of the documents you need translated, or you can upload them all. You should also provide us with information about the source language, target language, and any other relevant information. More information is always helpful for us, as it allows us to develop an accurate and reasonable timeline for your project.


As soon as we have all the needed information, one of our project managers will create a proposal and schedule for your project and send it to you for your review.

Scientific Document Review

After you have approved the budget and timeline, one of our professional translators will begin reviewing your documents to gain a better understanding of the linguistic and industry-specific context. We recognize that scientific translation requires extensive scientific knowledge, and you can rest assured that your documents will be placed in the hands of a capable and experienced scientific translator.


The scientific translator assigned to your project will then read and translate the original document into the target language, capturing the context of the document and using specific scientific terminology.


Our technical supervisor will review the translation’s accuracy and syntax. We will make any necessary revisions before submitting the documents to you for your approval. If you would like us to make any changes to the documents, we will make them quickly and track all of the edits in our notes.


The project manager assigned to your project will gather all of the documents that have been translated and check to ensure that they meet all of your specifications. We will ensure that you receive your documents and that you are satisfied with the final result.

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Scientific Translation Needs!

GlobalSpeak Translations has been offering professional translation services for over 25 years to clients that trust and support us. Our scientific translations services are sure to be of a quality that can meet your high expectations.

If you’re ready to get started with a project for the translation of scientific texts, please fill out the form below. With all the information you can provide us on your translation needs, we will be able to give you the most accurate quote for our services.

We are certain you will not be disappointed with GlobalSpeak Translations. Get in touch with us today!

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