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The oil and gas industry is a huge industry with projects spanning across the globe. As business for everyone in the energy industry takes place on such a global scale, the use of more than one language has become a must. If you want your company to do well, you can’t just settle for any translation. GlobalSpeak Translations provides high quality translations for the oil and gas industry. We are located in Houston, Texas — the nation’s energy sector capital. Our expert translators don’t just understand the source language (the language your documents are being translated from) and the target language (the language your documents are being translated to) of your project. They are also energy sector translators who have experience in producing accurate translations for this specialized industry.

If you need a document translated for your company, you’ll want to go with industry experts. We offer translations for a wide range of industries, including construction, engineering, architecture, medicine, and oil and gas. You can get in touch today for a free quote of our quality oil and gas translation services.

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Stay on the Cutting Edge

The oil and gas industry is constantly changing due to technological innovation and design ingenuity. Many of your employees will be familiar with older processes and machinery, and newer employees might find themselves feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. Your company cannot afford miscommunications or to have crucial details slip through the cracks, especially when you have invested in new machinery or are introducing a new process.

Instead of working with a translation agency that does not specialize in oil and gas translations, invest in peace of mind by choosing our oil and gas translation services. We can help you get all of your current employees on the same page when it comes to your current oil and gas equipment and processes, and we can also help you translate additional documents as your company grows and adapts to the dynamic nature of the industry. A translated document from us can make your job easier by allowing for clearer communication of processes and other elements of the oil and gas industry progress.

Hire the Experts for your Oil and Gas Translation Needs

You may think that anyone with an understanding of both languages can efficiently translate documents for your company, but accuracy requires a professional who understands the specialized industry of oil and gas and the technical terms it uses. These terms are not understood by most people, so they will also not be easily translated by most people. As with most other industries, only an oil and gas industry expert can offer the knowledge and skills needed for your translation project.

Trust the professionals at GlobalSpeak Translations for the most accurate industry-specific translations. Our technical translators know the oil and gas industry inside and out. Their knowledge and experience allow them to ensure absolute accuracy and precision in the translation services they provide. For specialized oil and gas translations, the experts at GlobalSpeak Translations can deliver.

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Maximize Your Investment

The oil and gas industry is booming, and countries around the world have a stake in the high profits. When doing business on a global scale, it would be a huge mistake to neglect to ensure effective communication. A single translation error could cost you a lot when you’re dealing with projects worth a considerable sum of money. The oil and gas industry is full of high investment risks. When it’s your company’s profits on the line, you’ll want to be certain you’ve got expert translators working on your important documents.

Clear communication is essential in every industry, but it is even more critical when your business is making a large investment. When there is no room for error, GlobalSpeak Translations can be trusted to provide the results that you need for your translation project. Our highly-qualified professional translators can meet the energy industry’s high standards. With efficient quality control systems in place, when we provide you with oil and gas translation services, we are able to guarantee high quality.

Keep Your Crew Safe

From the initial blueprints to information about local construction codes, keeping your crew safe starts with making sure that every member is on the same page. As sites for the oil and gas industry are located in many parts of the world, sometimes in the Middle East or another foreign locale that’s miles away from your language at home, and also sometimes right at home but with a multinational crew, translation services are a must for the safety of everyone. Averting a safety disaster is too important to take risks with the quality of the translation. Hiring a trusted global translation agency to oversee all of your oil and gas translations is the safest choice.

Our oil and gas translation services can protect you from a small translation mistake leading to costly setbacks, injuries, and damage to your business’ credibility. Our expert translators understand the oil and gas industry and offer the best in translation services. A poor translation could threaten the safety of crew and ruin your company’s reputation for safety. With GlobalSpeak Translations, you can trust in receiving a quality translation that will allow for everything to continue running smoothly and safely.

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for your company to get the document translations it needs in order to be successful in the oil and gas industry. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.


Your technical translation project will begin with a quote. You can provide our translators with a sample document, or you can provide us with the entire project to give us a better understanding of your needs. We always appreciate more information, as this allows us to develop a more accurate timeline for your project. During this stage is also a great time to provide us with any additional information or special requests.


One of our project managers will review your documents and create a timeline proposal for you to review. This proposal should help you understand how our professional translators will tackle your specific translation project. We will gladly make any necessary adjustments upon request.

Document Review

Our oil and gas translation experts will work to gain a thorough understanding of your documents as soon as you have approved the proposed budget and timeline. We know that your expectations are high, and we will carefully select an oil and gas industry expert who can quickly become familiar with the content.


The translator assigned to your documents will begin to translate them from the source language into the target language using appropriate, industry-specific language while preserving the context of the original writing.


One of our technical translation supervisors will review the translated documents before sending them to you for your approval. We will gladly make any changes or revisions upon request.


Your project manager will review your entire project once more before sending you the final product. We will contact you to ensure that you received the documents and that you are thoroughly satisfied with the work. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need additional oil and gas translations after your project has been completed!

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Technical Translation Needs!

GlobalSpeak Translations is proud to be a Top Rated Local® translation company serving the entire United States, as well as companies working abroad. We can help you with anything from small-scale translations to large, ongoing projects, and no matter your project’s size, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the precision and dedication your company deserves.

Be sure to read our testimonials to see what others are saying about our technical translation services, and click here to read more about the people behind our thriving company. You can fill out the form below to reach out to us about your project, or you can get started with an estimate using this page.

We look forward to working with you!

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