As vaccines continue to be administered worldwide in the ongoing battle against COVID19, businesses are continuing to push forward to ensure their own survival. Local businesses are thriving on the support of their communities as consumers continue to shop locally. On a larger scale, national and international companies are finding themselves reevaluating their growth plans as international trade begins to reopen.


 International trade will be a large contributor to economic recovery and growth for countries as they look to heal from the sharp decrease in trade in 2020. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has projected that the market will rebound and rise in 2021. How businesses will expand their reach is now dependent on the current economic changes that have occurred as a result of COVID19. Countries like Brazil, the USA, Italy, and Canada have shown a rise in unemployment. Stock markets worldwide had plummeted but since the announcement of the first vaccine have been rising. The need for expansion and growth will possibly lead to further diversification within companies as well as foreign investment opportunities.


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