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In both historical and modern-day terms, New Orleans is an international city. Over the years, it was controlled by a number of different rulers and its modern-day eclectic flair shows evidence of its rich history. Given the history of New Orleans as a melting pot for different cultures, it’s no surprise that the city continues to have a thriving multicultural and multilingual population today.

Even though a lot of good comes from the influence of different cultures, it can sometimes hamper communications between people and businesses if they aren’t speaking the same languages. That’s where GlobalSpeak Translations’ professional translation services can help. If you have documents that need to be converted into another language, or multiple languages, GlobalSpeak Translations can help.

Certified Translation Services New Orleans

Certified Translation Services In New Orleans

At GlobalSpeak Translations, we offer the best New Orleans translation services for your business. While we can provide certified translation services for almost any business need, we have specialized experts in several types of translations that businesses in New Orleans need the most.

Legal Translation

Attention to detail is at the heart of all legal translations. Our expert translators provide precise juridical translations for a wide variety of legal materials for all types of business in New Orleans. Though not an all-encompassing list, common legal documents that our translators work on are:

  1. Legal contract translations
  2. Regulatory documents
  3. Patents
  4. Intellectual property
  5. Compliance documentation
  6. Agreements translations
  7. Mergers and acquisitions
  8. Case documentation
  9. Juridical documentation
  10. Bids
  11. Financial documents
  12. Corporate litigation
  13. Website translation

GlobalSpeak Translations offers the precise translation expertise you need to translate your legal documents with confidence.

Literary Translation

Though great literature can transcend cultures, it can’t necessarily transcend language barriers. That’s why GlobalSpeak Translations offers the best in literary translation services for our clients in New Orleans and around the world. When conducting literary translations, we understand it’s important to not only translate the literal words, but also the meaning and context, as well as the author’s voice.

In addition to the translation services above,we also offer translation services for a variety of specialized industries, including: oil and gas translation, construction translation, engineering translation, energy section translation, healthcare translation, scientific translation, and more.

Translation Services For The Top Language In New Orleans

New Orleans Translation Services

Translation Services For The Top Languages In New Orleans

Given its diversity, New Orleans is home to speakers of dozens of languages. GlobalSpeak Translations works to fulfill the translation needs of New Orleans businesses with high-quality translation services for all of the most-spoken languages in New Orleans, including:



Mandarin Chinese








Spanish Translations In New Orleans

Not only is Spanish the non-English language most spoken in New Orleans, but many businesses conduct commerce with nearby Central and South American countries, which makes Spanish essential to the success of many businesses. Whether you are trying to target your marketing message to new customers within the Spanish-speaking population of New Orleans, or you need quality translations to conduct business overseas, our professional translators at GlobalSpeak Translations have the expertise you need to communicate your message.

French Translations In New Orleans

New Orleans has a lot of culture rooted in French traditions, and many people still use the language in the city. In addition, French is one of the working languages of the UN General Assembly, which means it is used in many countries around the world, even if it isn’t the primary language. Our expert translators can provide the French translations that can allow your company to connect to this key part of New Orleans’s economy, as well as various businesses and people around the world.

Expert Professional Translation Services In New Orleans

Translation services are critical for all types of businesses, especially when dealing with technical or critical information. At GlobalSpeak Translations, all of our translators are guaranteed to be fluent in both the source language and the target language. In addition, we can provide translators skilled in the terminology for a variety of business purposes and sectors, ensuring you get the right translation every time, no matter what languages your translation needs require.

At GlobalSpeak Translations, facilitating translations of documents to different languages for businesses in New Orleans is our specialty. Whether you need to communicate with a client who doesn’t speak your native language, or you are working to make new business connections around the world, GlobalSpeak Translations is ready to be your partner by providing superior translation services for all your communication needs. Call GlobalSpeak Translations today to learn more about how we can help your business successfully overcome any language barriers standing in your way.

New Orleans Translation Services That Work For You


Clear and effective translations require a translator with an industry-specific technical background and native language capabilities. Our goal is to ensure that your message is easily and correctly understood by your target audience.

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Localization services help to take a brand's message to a global audience without losing the nuance of that message. Using native speakers, our localization process ensures brand consistency across borders.

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Our transcreation team includes both linguistic experts and copywriters who all play a role in ensuring you do not lose your brand image, message, and identity. With a focus on marketing media, we strive to protect your message against the dreaded problem of "lost in translation."

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Partnering with GlobalSpeak gives you access to our team of qualified interpreters that can deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a broad range of technical fields. Our interpreters are experts in fostering understanding while erasing language barriers.

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