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New Orleans is a bustling city with a vibrant way of life. Influenced by various different cultures over the centuries, New Orleans has developed a completely unique identity with roots that draw from Spanish, French, and English influences, among many others.

Given the rich diversity of the city, it’s no surprise that New Orleans itself is filled with citizens and visitors from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, many New Orleans businesses conduct transactions on a global scale. In fact, its willingness to embrace new ideas while not distancing itself from the past is what sets New Orleans apart as a city where everyone is welcome.

However, when people of different origins come together to interact, communication can be made difficult if everyone doesn’t speak the same language. Since clear communication is essential to daily life for individuals and businesses, interpreters help people overcome language barriers to support essential needs and business operations.

So how can New Orleans interpretation services work for you?

Interpreter Services New Orleans

New Orleans Interpretation Services That Work For You

When two people need to communicate through spoken words, but don’t speak the same language, an interpreter can step in to bridge the gap between the two people. In business and in life, there are practically limitless examples of ways people who speak different languages may need to interact. For example, a patient may need help understanding a medical diagnosis, or a customer might have a sales question about a particular product. In either case, an interpreter can help both parties interact by breaking down language barriers and facilitating communication.

At GlobalSpeak Translations, our professional interpreters in New Orleans have the expertise and experience to provide clear, correct interpretations for every situation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is best used in situations where pausing for interpretation doesn’t make sense. For example, large conferences or speeches from important officials often use simultaneous interpretation. This method requires highly-skilled interpreters and specialized technology to deliver the interpretations with only a slight real-time delay, so everyone gets the same information at roughly the same time.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is more common for one-on-one interactions and other small group business dealings. During consecutive interpretation, speakers take turns communicating and then listening while the interpreter repeats what was said in the listener’s language. Interpreters using the consecutive interpreter method may take notes while each person is speaking to ensure they repeat all the points that were made.

Many important business transactions in New Orleans, from patient conversations with medical professionals to multinational business negotiations, can benefit from consecutive interpretation.

Phone Or Video Interpretation

In this era of technological advances, video and phone meetings have taken the place of a lot of face-to-face interactions for both people and businesses. Interpreters can work with both parties via a phone or internet connection to facilitate communication between individuals and companies locally or across the globe.

Interpreter Services For The Top Language In New Orleans

New Orleans Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services For The Top Languages In New Orleans

Interpreter services like GlobalSpeak Translations keeps communication running smoothly in a multicultural and multilingual city like New Orleans, Louisiana by offering interpreters for all the city’s most in-demand languages.

Fortunately, GlobalSpeak Translations has you covered for your New Orleans interpreter services. We can guarantee you an expert interpreter for all the most in-demand languages in New Orleans. The top non-English languages spoken in New Orleans are:

Houston’s Top Ten Non-English Languages:



Mandarin Chinese








Spanish Interpreters In New Orleans

Spanish is a common language spoken throughout the United States, second only to English in most places. This is true in New Orleans, as well, as many of the city’s residents speak Spanish. Given the high number of speakers of Spanish, communicating with this large section of the population can be incredibly important for your business. The interpreters of GlobalSpeak Translations in New Orleans have particular expertise and extensive vocabularies to ensure you receive the best possible translations for your business.

French Interpreters In New Orleans

Given that the motto of the city of New Orleans is: Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll), it’s probably no surprise that French is one of the most common languages spoken in the city. The French language is not only a critical part of the city’s heritage, it’s also a vital language to speak when conducting business in the city, and GlobalSpeak Translations can provide the best of the best in French interpreters for your company.

Mandarin Chinese Interpreters In New Orleans

There are about thousands of Chinese speakers in New Orleans, Louisiana. As China continues to grow in power as a country, the importance of business being able to communicate in Chinese can’t be overstated. GlobalSpeak Translations can help your business connect Chinese speakers in both the local New Orleans community and around the world. Don’t let your business get left behind because of a language barrier with Chinese contacts.

Get One Of Our New Orleans Interpreters On Your Side

At GlobalSpeak Translations, facilitating conversations between speakers of different languages in New Orleans is our specialty. Whether you need to communicate with a client who doesn’t speak your native language, or you are working to make new business connections around the world, GlobalSpeak Translations is ready to be your partner by providing superior interpretation services for all your communication needs. Call GlobalSpeak Translations today to learn more about how we can help your business successfully overcome any language barriers standing in your way.

New Orleans Interpretation Services That Work For You


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