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Operations within the city of Houston consist of constant streams of communication. A customer asking for clarification on a product’s features, a patient receiving their medical diagnosis, and companies coordinating with each other as part of maintaining their business relationships: every day, people in Houston are talking to each other. This is how things get done. Running into the fact that not everyone speaks the same language, however, is where things may come to a screeching halt.

The good news is that Houston interpretation services are available to keep this from being your company’s fate. Our professional interpreters have the proper expertise to navigate high-risk situations with a service that provides a clear path for communication, just about immediately breaking down language barriers. If you want to break into the multinational business market or even just overcome barriers to business success within the city of Houston, you’ll need an expert interpreter like the ones available through GlobalSpeak Translations.

Houston Interpretation Services

Houston Interpretation Services That Work For You

Depending on what your business is, you may require different types of interpretation services. Not every mode of interpretation is right for every Houston company. What is needed may even vary based on the specific situation for which interpretation is needed at the moment. For all the different interpretation needs found in the city of Houston, we at GlobalSpeak Translations offer an interpreting service that suits your particular situation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

In large conference settings where pausing repeatedly for interpretation would be a real time killer, simultaneous interpretation helps keep things moving along. The process of simultaneous interpretation involves only a slight delay in timing before the interpreter begins only moments after the speaker. They then interpret at the same time as the words are being spoken in the original language.

As this method needs such strict concentration, it requires a highly-trained interpreter to take the job. Also, because simultaneous interpretation usually requires special technology, unless using whisper interpreting, it may not work well in all contexts. For many in Houston though, such as those putting on a multinational conference or large corporate event, simultaneous interpretation is their best option.

Consecutive Interpretation

The other main way to conduct interpreting, known as consecutive interpretation, is preferred for the more one-on-one interactions of Houston companies. When this method is used, speakers and interpreters have to take turns performing their roles. A member of the meeting may speak in periods of a few minutes, followed each time by an interpretation before they continue.

Special skills are also required by the interpreter in this case, as most people cannot remember such long sections of speech, so consecutive interpreters in Houston must be quick at note-taking. The time-consuming nature of this method also makes it less than ideal in many contexts. Yet, plenty of important one-on-one interactions in Houston, from patient conversations with medical professionals to multinational business negotiations, can benefit most from consecutive interpretation.

Phone Or Video Interpretation

There are some times when it is not possible for a conversation to take place face-to-face or when it might just be more convenient to get interpretation services over the phone. Instead of having an interpreter come out to an event’s location in Houston to provide their services, this method only requires you to get them on the phone or a video chat service. Whether scheduled in advance or done on-demand, this can be a very convenient interpretation method for any kind of Houston business to use.

Interpreter Services For The Top Language In Houston

certified Interpreter Services houston

Interpreter Services For The Top Languages In Houston

Keeping communication running smoothly throughout the heavily multicultural and, crucially, multilingual city of Houston requires a very persistent effort to bridge language gaps. After all, Houston has one of the highest populations of foreign language speakers in the country, with non-English speakers making up over 37 percent of Houston residents. Making matters even more complicated is the fact that it’s not just a few other languages being spoken in Houston, but over 145. That takes a very extensive offering for interpretation services.

Fortunately, GlobalSpeak Translations has you covered for your Houston interpreter services. We can guarantee you an expert interpreter for all the most in-demand languages in Houston.

Houston’s Top Ten Non-English Languages:



Mandarin Chinese








Spanish Interpreters In Houston

At GlobalSpeak Translations, our translators are ready to provide you with Spanish undoubtedly has the most amount of speakers in Houston, besides English. Communicating with this large section of the population can be incredibly important, and even necessary, for your company. The high proportion of Spanish speakers in Houston can also mean that you have plenty of bilingual employees that may be able to get the job done, but a fluency in Spanish does not equate to what professional interpretation services can offer. The interpreters of GlobalSpeak Translations have particular expertise and extensive vocabularies to allow for that higher level of communication in Spanish that many professional contexts require.

Vietnamese Interpreters In Houston

Speakers of Vietnamese make up the second highest percentage for a non-English language in Houston. Not only do a lot of people speak this language, with Vietnamese speakers far outnumbering those of any other Asian language, but Houston actually has a very connected Vietnamese community. You can’t leave this section of the population out of the conversation, and our expert interpreters will successfully keep you from having to.

Mandarin Chinese Interpreters In Houston

There are about 40,000 Chinese speakers in Houston, TX. And it’s not just native speakers that are using the language now. The importance of the Chinese language to people in Houston has increasingly been recognized, with Mandarin Chinese Immersion programs now being added in schools. If your company also wants to immerse itself in Houston’s Chinese communications, you may need professional interpreter services for Mandarin Chinese. The interpreters at GlobalSpeak Translations can easily close up communication gaps that may arise with the Chinese language.

Get One Of Our Houston Interpreters On Your Side

Facilitating conversations between speakers of different languages is our specialty. No matter where your company encounters the need to overcome a language barrier in Houston, our quality interpretation services are the right thing for the job. All you need to do to get one of our expert interpreters by your side in Houston is get in touch. Provide us with just a few essential pieces of information about your need for interpretation services and we’ll have a quote for you soon.

Houston Interpretation Services That Work For You


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