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Stories such as those that our greatest literature consists of are powerful things. They can engage you in situations you’ve never been in, take you to places you’ve never been, and connect people all around the world. However, literature can only bridge gaps across cultures and global communities with proper high-quality literary translation.

GlobalSpeak Translations is a translation company that goes beyond translations with our work on everything from novels, short stories, and plays to poems and songs. Our literary translators help to bring great literature from around the world to people of vastly different cultures through specialized services. Localization keeps literary translation from being a mere literal translation, and instead, weaves the culture into the translation process. Our translators use their expertise of the nuances of cultural meanings to bridge literary barriers rooted in not just words, but also culture, with changes like “112” in place of America’s “911” in the version of a novel meant for Spain.

Every change to your literary work is chosen with care at GlobalSpeak Translations. We recognize the importance of retaining not just the basic content within a piece of creative writing, but also your unique authorial voice, and will work with you to get the translation right. With GlobalSpeak Translations, you can trust that your novel, poem, or other piece of creative writing will be handled with precision and care to give you the high quality translation that is deserved.

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Allow Your Story To Reach A Global Audience

After working hard on a novel or piece of poetry, and seeing it so well-received in its native country, why should you settle for it stopping there in the country it originated? A quality piece of literature shouldn’t be stuck in its own country. If this were always the case, we would never enjoy some of the greatest foreign works of fiction or great historical literary masterpieces. Impressive literature can break past language barriers and reach all of the many readers it deserves thanks to literary translation services.

GlobalSpeak Translations can do more for you than a book translation that offers the minimum needed to bring the story to other countries. We will use our translation expertise to allow people to read your novel in their own language, to give your story the means to travel farther than your voice ever could on its own. This is not just about increasing profits for the author and publisher, but about opening doors to new ideas and worlds to explore for a truly global audience.

You never know where someone that needs your story might be located and you never know how a single piece of creative writing may change the world if it only had the chance to travel it. With the services of GlobalSpeak Translations, your translated literature can travel the world and reach that global audience.

Keep Literary Nuances Intact Across Languages

Literary translation is a very specialized field of translation services. It requires much more from the translators completing the work than a simple one to one translation. Instead, there are various literary nuances within every piece of literature and not all of these translate perfectly to other languages and cultures.

Literal translation is simply not enough to capture the full meaning of words within a literary work. Rather, literary translators must be creative themselves in order to keep literary nuances intact across languages.

Our translators at GlobalSpeak Translations work within their expertise of the target language to find new and possibly complex ways to convey a message that’s meaning is easily and clearly conveyed in the source language. This isn’t always an easy task, but our translation professionals enjoy taking on the duty of practicing creative writing themselves. With creative force, they can stretch the limits of what defines of translation to include everything that makes up literature and present you with translated literature you can take to global markets.

Don’t Sacrifice Personal Author Style With Translation

The way you write is your own. You choose your specific author style in order to tell the story the way you want to tell it and it’s completely understandable that an author wouldn’t want their work being messed with.

You don’t have to leave your global audiences with a completely different style than the one you worked hard to perfect. Translation services being needed to bring your story to a global audience does not mean that this audience shouldn’t get the story the way that you intended for it to be presented. Literary translators can keep an author’s style intact even while adapting the literary text for a foreign language.

At GlobalSpeak Translations, we respect the work you’ve put into a literary work. Our translation professionals take care to keep the exact way that you write consistent within the new translation. They understand that translation doesn’t need to interfere with any stylistic choices present in creative writing. You can trust GlobalSpeak Translations to produce translated literature that respects the original text you’ve worked so hard on.

Receive The Care And Precision Of Professional Translation

A literary work is no ordinary piece of writing. Translating poetry or doing a book translation requires much more care and precision than the typical document. For this reason, no other reader will pay more attention to your literary work than its translator.

Every single one of our literary translators at GlobalSpeak Translations take their time to carefully consider every paragraph, phrase, and single word choice in order to make their precise translation decisions the right ones. This can include decisions about localizing names and places, changing information for more culturally relevant versions, such as the example of using the emergency number of the translation’s local country, or inserting explanatory context for readers of translated literature that would otherwise not understand what is happening. Translation work for literature is not as simple as other types of translation, but our dedicated team is willing to put in the extra time and effort to craft a high quality translation. Allow your piece of creative writing to get the attention it deserves with the literary translation services of GlobalSpeak Translations.

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for authors and publishers to receive the translations of their literature so it can be marketed and distributed globally. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.


Every literary translations project we take on begins with a quote. You can upload a sample of the documents you need translated, or you can upload them all. You should also provide us with information about the source language, target language, and any other relevant information. More information is always helpful for us, as it allows us to develop an accurate and reasonable timeline for your project.


One of our project managers will create a proposal and schedule for your literary translation project and send it to you for your review.

Document Review

After you have approved the budget and timeline, one of our professional translators will begin reviewing your documents to gain a better understanding of the creative writing and all the context relevant to the story. We recognize that literary translations require an extensive knowledge of the material in order to get the highest quality translation, and you can rest assured that your documents will be placed in the hands of a capable and experienced literary translator.

Literary Translation

The literary translator assigned to your project will then read and translate the original creative writing document into the target language, providing a high quality translation by capturing the context of the document and keeping themes and concepts intact through translation.


Our literary translation supervisor will review the translation’s accuracy and syntax. We will make any necessary revisions before submitting the documents to you for your approval. If you would like us to make any changes to the literary work, we will make them quickly and track all of the edits in our notes.


The project manager assigned to your project will gather all of the text that have been translated and check to ensure that they are the high quality product you require. We will ensure that you receive your documents and that you are satisfied with the final result.

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Technical Translation Needs!

GlobalSpeak Translations is a trusted company for high quality translation services. We only offer the best for our clients, regardless of the type of work that we are completing, from highly technical text for the oil and gas industry to accurate literary translations that maintain the emotions and meaning of the original text. Every single one of these documents is able to get a high quality translation because of the professional translators that complete the work. They are all experts in their specific field of translation with strong abilities in both the source language and the target language.

Among all the companies offering literary translation services, GlobalSpeak Translations makes an effort to stand out with our quality assurance, promising accuracy even when a literal translation must be avoided. After over 25 years, we can guarantee you the experience supports our abilities as a literary translation agency. If you’re ready to bring your literary work into the world, and not just the local market, go ahead and give us a call. We will be able to get you a quote for your literary translation project right away.

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