Whether your business serves clients in the energy sector, healthcare industries, or a tech-based field, GlobalSpeak Translations draws on nearly three decades of experience providing accurate and precise technical translation services. You may know what we do, but maybe you still find it difficult to wrap your mind around how we go through the process of our technical translation.

In simple terms, a business or organization has a need for a quality translation of an important document, and with the help of GlobalSpeak Translations, that translated material ends up in their possession. To get to this point, we take our commitment to quality through many steps, working hard to ensure that our translated documents are not only accurate, but consistent as well. This is the full process, from the very first step to the finalized product, of our technical translation services.

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Step One: Request and Upload

The first step is taken by you. Before we can get started on your translation project, we need you to give us some information. Most importantly, we need the document that requires translation to be uploaded into our database. Once we’ve gotten the chance to look over the text to be translated, we can use this and the other details you provide to gain a full understanding of the project and prepare your quote.

Simply uploading your document and a few other pieces of useful information, including the source language, target language, and deadline, is all we require from you to get you your quote and get started on the technical translation process. You’ve got a business to run, so let us take care of the translations. Just let us know what GlobalSpeak Translations can do for you and we’ll get going on the rest of the steps in our translation process.

Step Two: Evaluation

Once we have received all of your documents and know what we are working with, a project manager can get the planning part of the project started. They create the project proposal and schedule that goes along with your quote request. These are used to give us guidance on how we will tackle your translation services.

Of course, we won’t proceed until the project manager’s proposal is approved by our client. We just want to make sure to have a solid plan that we can use to get your project completed well.

Step Three: Comprehension

Your approval is all we then need to get started on the project. No time will be wasted at GlobalSpeak Translations before the technical translation team begins preparing for translation. However, the preparation itself is never rushed, as this time is what ensures work gets done accurately for a high quality result.

They comb through the text of each document they begin work on to gain a thorough understanding of the material that requires translation. If any research is required, they will make sure to handle this diligently so as not to miss out on anything that could help meaning accurately be conveyed into the foreign language. They may be expert professionals in the translation field, but they don’t know everything, so there is the chance of research being required with every new project they take on. Our translators always make sure to complete any work necessary to do their best job before they begin the actual task of technical translation.

Step Four: Translation

All of this early work is undertaken so that the best possible job can be done by our translators during this most important stage. With their research prepared and a full understanding of how they will be able to tackle the document, translators begin getting into the actual translation process.

They undertake document translation by reading and translating your original document into the target language, paying close attention to its context as the accurate and proper terminology specific to your industry. Putting their years of experience and the skill gained through these years into the work makes your translation as accurate as possible while dealing with highly technical terms. This is not as simple as simple translations of one word to another, from one language to another. Instead, they may have to find new ways to say things or give examples to make up for the way that languages do not necessarily include one to one comparisons. The end result for you is a high quality translation that is worth every ounce of effort our professional translators put into it.

Step Five: Review

We work hard to ensure that this high quality translation is the case with a review that makes sure all of our high standards have been met before a client can ever see the work. We don’t consider the translation finished until it has been reviewed, scrutinized, and approved. A technical supervisor will always go through the translated materials, paying close attention to accuracy and syntax, while making sure that the translation is as close as possible to the contents of the original document. When this review is complete, we send the translated content back to you.

Step Six: Submit and Revise

Only once we are sure that you will be satisfied do we submit the document for your approval. Of course, just because we’ve told you that this is our best work doesn’t mean you have to believe us. This is still your document. We only want to make sure it meets all of your expectations. If this means that we have to take on some revisions, we will gladly accept the task. Handing it back to our expert translation team, every change will be tracked in our submitted drafts until the document fits your standards and requirements.

Step Seven: Finalize

The final step is how your final, approved deliverables, end up back in the hands of your business by the time of the scheduled delivery date. With every necessary revision made, your project’s project manager brings it to completion by gathering all of the final deliverables and verifying that specifications and even the highest expectations have been met. The result of our process should leave those that work with GlobalSpeak Translations with a high-quality technical translation that is not only accurate, but also maintains your brand’s unique identity and voice.

Ready to Get Started?

GlobalSpeak Translations makes it our goal to provide you with services that exceed our competitors and our experienced translators handle your projects with an accuracy and consistency that is unmatched. Ready to get the impressive results of our technical translation process for your own documents that are in need of translation?

You already know that getting started is as simple as completing that first step. All you need to do is request a quote and, in no time, GlobalSpeak Translations will have begun the translation process for you. Get in touch with us today.