With the Houston Food Bank experiencing a greater need from the Houston community during the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalSpeak Translations has voluntarily stepped up.

The Houston Food Bank, always a lifeline to families in the Houston community as they provide much-needed meals, is being supported by GlobalSpeak Translations. The translation services company in Houston, Texas is getting on their bikes to help raise awareness for this nonprofit organization.

GlobalSpeak Translations has seen the impact that this pandemic has had on their local community. There is no denying the unfortunate reality of this situation around the world. As diagnoses of the new virus come in, the Houston community has also had to face the effects of social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders. Unable to go to work or earn income from their small business, many Houston residents have been facing a new struggle to put food on the table for their families. This is a time when the Houston Food Bank is needed more than ever, and GlobalSpeak Translations knew they needed to help.

Seeing the steep rise in demand for what the Houston Food Bank provides, GlobalSpeak Translations determined to do their part by donating. Always looking out for the members of their local Houston community, the language services company made their decision. They would get on their bikes and cycle, donating a dollar for every single mile, through to the end of April, to the Houston Food Bank. These dollars will add up to one big show of support for the organisation that’s providing meals to families in this time of need.

“As soon as we heard how the Houston Food Bank needed assistance, we knew we had to help. We all must pull together during this strange and historic moment. We are out there pedalling for a great cause, and we would love to see more companies come forward and support the Houston Food Bank,” explained CEO Flor Dimassi.
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