As the world continues to battle coronavirus and businesses struggle to stay afloat amid economic hardship, GlobalSpeak Translation (GST) this week announced their leadership team will be forgoing their own salary payments in an effort to keep team members and contractors paid.

While the United States weathers the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression at 36 million claims and counting, GST is doing what they can to ensure they do not have to add to those statistics. Businesses everywhere will hopefully follow suit and emulate GST’s selflessness during these trying times.

Both CEO Flor Dimassi and President Thomas Lacombe are not going to be accepting payment/salaries while they continue to work for GST. The money that would have normally gone to both of these leadership individuals will be divided and dispersed to the experienced engineers that work as specialized technical translators at this time. With this deferred income, the global translators will be able to sustain their families and continue to perform their much-needed services today.

“We would be nothing without the translators that comprise our brand today, which is why Thomas and myself are doing everything we can to ensure GST lives on,” said Dimassi. “We will not be furloughing any of our workforce as our country – and global economy – works hard to return to normalcy.”

Fortunately, good news regarding the virus has been abounding in recent weeks, with new coronavirus cases decreasing in 28 states. The U.S. government remains hopeful that social distancing mandates will be phased out of the country and major metropolitan areas over the next few months.

In the mean-time, GST will be providing their usual sought-after services, including: translation services that are in line with brand guidelines and audience requirements; localization services to help brands expand their messaging to a global audience with local translators; transcreation services that comprise linguistic experts and copywriters who all work to ensure identity and branding are maintained; and lastly, interpretation services that provide clients with seamless translation while erasing language barriers.

The GST leadership team wants all clients to know they are still open for business and hopeful for a productive year. As they want everyone to know, “we are all in this together.”