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The field of engineering operates across cultures and languages. This global industry uses many highly technical documents, including owners manuals, user guides, and technical reports, which make the use of engineering translation services necessary. When you’re dealing with the high stakes and specialized content of the field of engineering, translations cannot be neglected. For quality translations of engineering documents, GlobalSpeak Translations will provide the consistent results that you need.

Our engineering translators are highly trained experts in the engineering sector with experience in both languages. They have proven their capabilities in the source language (the language being translated from) and the target language (the language being translated to). Engineering translators at GlobalSpeak Translations are highly skilled in both languages with which translation takes place. Because our native-language translators are engineering specialists, they understand the specific terminologies of engineering, so the engineering language can be efficiently translated.

An accurate engineering translation is important for those working in engineering to ensure efficiency and safety of work operations, compliance with local regulations, and successful implementation of new technologies around the world. With GlobalSpeak Translations, you can be certain of receiving only high quality translations of your documents. Send over your engineering documents for a free quote on a guaranteed accurate translation.

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Engineering Translations Services Houston

Keep The Job Site Efficient

Clear and efficient communication is essential for the success of any cooperative undertaking. Especially when managing engineering projects, you can’t afford for a simple miscommunication to throw things off. The stakes are simply too high. To keep communication smooth, with everybody on the same page, accurate translation of engineering documents and other materials is important. Just one error in the translation of your engineering documents can set the project back in terms of cost, reputation, or time.

Efficient engineering operations are supported by translations of the highest quality, as provided from a global translation agency. GlobalSpeak Translations is a translation company that takes engineering translation seriously. We recognize the importance of an accurate translation and will make sure all your guidelines, safety regulations, and other engineering documents are understood by the whole team, so engineering processes can take place without any communication issues.

Keep Your Job Site Safe

Making sure everyone is on the same page saves you from slowdowns in project estimates as well as from safety disasters. You might be tempted to go the route that saves you more money, even if it means cutting a few corners, but ensuring everybody has the translations they need for their safety is important for protecting you from legal and public relations problems as well as for keeping everyone safe.

Local governments usually have regulations in place for safe worksite conditions. Even if nobody gets seriously hurt, simply not having that translation needed to understand safe procedure could get you into real legal trouble. If a translation error does cause an unfortunate accident, the public is likely to notice and remember, causing a real public relations disaster for your company. Protect your reputation with high quality translations before you’ve got a newsworthy situation on your hands.

Most importantly, safety translations keep the entire engineering crew safe and free of injury. Somebody getting seriously hurt is the last thing you want when working on an engineering project, but just a simple miscommunication could lead to injury on these sites. GlobalSpeak Translations can help prevent accidents with accurate engineering translations of safety guidelines and other important materials.

Comply With Local Regulations

While you may be used to the regulations required in your home country, when you travel and set up in other countries, you face different requirements for your engineering documents. For example, if you’re operating in a member state of the European Union, you must comply to the European Chemical Agency. If documents aren’t accurately translated into the language of the member state, you will face the consequences.

Even in the United States, high quality translations are needed to comply with the government’s regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor requires safety training for employees to be conducted in a language all workers can understand. Wherever your project is located, you require engineering translation services that can bring you up to par with the local requirements for your materials. Any misunderstandings when it comes to regional regulations could set your project back quite a bit.

As new changes to the local regulations come up and new materials are needed for employees, you will also need new translations to ensure accuracy of updated training manuals, health code information, and other important documents. Having materials in a language that employees do not understand is not enough to meet the requirements of most governments. With a professional translation company, you can keep documents in line with local regulations, regardless of the language you need them to be in. As you expand across borders and grow over time, GlobalSpeak Translations will be there to keep materials in compliance through professional translation services.

Keep Up With Technological Developments

Engineering is all about finding new ways to approach things. The field is constantly shifting with new ideas and innovations, spurred on by creative thinking. New equipment, terms and processes are always being developed and incorporated, spurring new need for engineering translation services.

You have to work hard to keep up with the fast pace of change and update crew on new processes, keep training documents up to date, and ensure materials have the latest engineering terminology. You can’t take the chance of miscommunication or an important detail slipping through the cracks, especially when it comes to the introduction of a new process or piece of equipment. Keeping everyone on the same page through professional translations is crucial to preventing this from happening.

Instead of leaving your company in the hands of someone who does not regularly perform engineering translations, let GlobalSpeak Translations provide the experts to help you ensure that everyone in your company in communicating clearly and effectively. When a new piece of equipment rolls out or a process changes due to a cutting-edge innovation, our engineering translation experts will be there to help you get everyone up to speed.

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for your company to get the accurate translations it needs for important engineering documents. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.


Every engineering translation project we take on begins with a quote. You can upload a sample of the engineering documents you need translated, or you can upload them all. You should also provide us with information about the source language, target language, and any other relevant information. More information is always helpful for us, as it allows us to develop an accurate and reasonable timeline for your project.


One of our project managers will create a proposal and schedule for your engineering translation project and send it to you for your review.

Engineering Document Review

After you have approved the budget and timeline, one of our professional translators will begin reviewing your documents to gain a better understanding of the linguistic and industry-specific context. We recognize that engineering translations require an extensive knowledge of the material in order to get the highest quality translation, and you can rest assured that your documents will be placed in the hands of a capable and experienced industry expert.

Translate Engineering Document

The engineering translator assigned to your project will then read and translate the original engineering document into the target language, providing a quality translation by capturing the context of the document and using the engineering terminology of the engineering field.


Our engineering supervisor will review the translation’s accuracy and syntax. We will make any necessary revisions before submitting the engineering documents to you for your approval. If you would like us to make any changes to the documents, we will make them quickly and track all of the edits in our notes.


The project manager assigned to your project will gather all of the engineering documents that have been translated and check to ensure that they are the high quality product you require. We will ensure that you receive your documents and that you are satisfied with the final result.

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Construction Translation Needs!

Our engineering translators have a thorough knowledge of your industries terminology and processes.

They are industry experts with a strong proficiency in languages including Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portugese, German, French, Arabic, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Itatian, Hindi, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, and more. Translation technology may seem like the better choice, as it’s faster and cheaper than human translators, but even as technological advancements continue to be made in the translation industry, it still cannot beat the work of a professional translator.

For quality engineering translation services, trust the experts at GlobalSpeak Translations. We know how important good translations are for engineering documents in the engineering field, so we would never give you back a translation that was less than the highest quality. Get started today by filling out the form below to contact us and let us know what your translation entails.

We will get back to you very quickly with a quote!

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