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COVID-19 has shown businesses and industries across the nation how devastating uncontrolled or minimally controlled outbreaks of infectious disease can impact normal operations. As newly revised health codes roll out, alongside permanent changes to how businesses operate in regards to health and safety and remote operation, there is an equal need for accurate translation.

These changes must be communicated and transmitted across the whole spectrum of employees, workers, and partners in order for them to effectively prevent a similar collapse of business in the future. From office hygiene posters to specialized contracts and legal documentation concerning potential pandemics, providing the necessary materials in a full range of translated languages will allow businesses to more rapidly adapt and respond to a post-COVID environment.

Translation services, like those offered here at GlobalSpeak Translations, will be a vital component in preparing for both the immediate and long term effects of a pandemic. As people return to work in the weeks or months following a pandemic, or as they take precautionary measures against future pandemics, having fully translated guidelines, expectations, and company policy will limit the risk companies face should there be another shutdown or other unforeseen changes to standard operation.

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COVID Translation Company

Pandemic Response And Prep Translation Services

Whether local or international, we’ve seen how a pandemic can have unexpected chain consequences on nearly every industry. During the height of COVID-19, for example, we saw the expected impact on healthcare, emergency response, hospitality, and supply chains throughout the country. However, we also saw booms and rapid shifts in how certain industries function, thinking of things like delivery services, a new work-from-home culture, and revisions to heavily impacted industries in an attempt to respond and change in a time of crisis.

Communicating every single one of those changes, to every level of a business, brand, or company, is a vital step forward. At GlobalSpeak Translations, we work with translators that are familiar with the industry they’re translating for in an effort to provide the most accurate and relevant translation services possible. By expecting and addressing the breadth of industries that may require pandemic response and preparation, we aim to get ahead of the translation needs faced by an entire world of businesses asking “how do we recover?” “how do we move forward?” “how do we avoid this in the future?”

We’ve seen how quickly a pandemic becomes a global concern, and when every country across the world needs to work together to overcome that pandemic, language is how they do it. Clear, open communication across borders. We offer that communication through translation.


HR Translations

With COVID-19 we saw shifts in company policy concerning work-from-home orders, changes to social distancing procedures in the workplace, and a number of changes to how companies address workers during events like a pandemic. Adapting HR policies, handbooks, and other materials will rely on translation services for accurate, efficient, and company wide dispersal of updates to these same materials and policies. Again, by providing consistent information and well-translated work, employees and companies will be better equipped to protect themselves, the health of their coworkers, as well as individual and professional interests.

Healthcare Translations

As one of the sectors hit hardest by COVID-19, the healthcare industry has a million moving parts, and almost every single part is crucial to successful operations. That includes purchasing and acquisition agreements for PPE, responding to full multinational and multilingual communities on the ground, and handling logistics between other major health organizations as new information and equipment becomes available. Working with our translators, we can provide the support needed to write the manuals and guides for future responses or have translators standing by to provide real, in the moment translations for response teams at all levels.

Legal Materials Translations

Contracts, business arrangements, and a variety of post-pandemic fallout can call for a strong legal response to secure personal or professional stability. Whether it’s a full on crisis or more manageable situation, a pandemic is likely to interrupt business as usual, at which point contracts and agreements made beforehand may no longer be appropriate or relevant. In particular, international and multilingual agreements may be harder to address due to the language barrier. Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience negotiating, translating, and offering other such services to support companies that rely on translated legal documentation for a variety of purposes.

Technology Translations

Whether producing vital technology in response to a pandemic, or experiencing a slow down in production due to various closures and interruptions, the tech industry is just as vulnerable to a pandemic as any other. Translation services can help expedite the communication process between your business and parts suppliers from around the world, or facilitate new messaging for buyers and partners that rely on your products to keep their operations fully functional.

Financial Translations

The markets took a major hit during and after the peak of COVID-19, as people stopped spending and businesses came to a grinding halt. Addressing the negative side effects of that halt, as well as looking towards the future and how to avoid or prepare for such an event, GlobalSpeak Translations offers a team of translators intimately familiar with the major avenues of finance and business. Translation can speed the recovery process of businesses by tapping new markets, generating clear messages to a current audience, or setting financial safety nets in place without being restricted by communication or language.

Marketing and Advertising Translations

Marketing and advertising can’t exactly stop in the face of a pandemic, complete silence in the face of a crisis is often mistaken for apathy. In many cases, it can be a comfort to some to see how businesses, individuals, and other groups are responding to such events. Still, it requires a tactful approach to avoid appearing opportunistic — drafting a tailored, detailed message that communicates how your entity is handling a pandemic needs to be done with care. Translation services are an excellent way to ensure consistent messaging across all communities and partnerships.

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Clear and effective translations require a translator with an industry-specific technical background and native language capabilities. Our goal is to ensure that your message is easily and correctly understood by your target audience.

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Localization services help to take a brand's message to a global audience without losing the nuance of that message. Using native speakers, our localization process ensures brand consistency across borders.

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Our transcreation team includes both linguistic experts and copywriters who all play a role in ensuring you do not lose your brand image, message, and identity. With a focus on marketing media, we strive to protect your message against the dreaded problem of "lost in translation."

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Partnering with GlobalSpeak gives you access to our team of qualified interpreters that can deliver consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a broad range of technical fields. Our interpreters are experts in fostering understanding while erasing language barriers.

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