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Every type of business is taking place now on more of a global scale. This does not exclude the construction industry, where construction projects can take place anywhere, workers may speak any language, and interactions between those of different countries and cultures is often necessary. The type of work completed in construction relies heavily on impeccable communication throughout. A construction project involving speakers of different languages is no different. It’s hard enough to get everything done right, but it’s vastly more difficult if you and your construction crew can’t understand each other. The need to effectively communicate remains so paramount that the importance of quality construction translation services cannot be understated. With a plan for getting translations completed, your construction company is sure to retain its positive image, stay within local regulations, and get its projects completed safely and efficiently.

When you need translation services that are construction industry specific, turn to GlobalSpeak Translations. They are not just professionals with a native language proficiency in both source language and target language, but also construction industry experts. The expertise of our translators covers vast aspects of the construction industry, from architecture to civil engineering, logistics and commercial building construction. With years of experience completing construction translation behind them, the skill that our professional translators have developed will fuel their translation of your construction documents, allowing for complete clarity and understanding among those making the construction project happen. Don’t take the risk with someone that doesn’t know your industry inside and out the way that we do. If you want your construction documents accurately translated, you can only go with the technical translation services provided by GlobalSpeak Translations. After learning more about how construction translation services can benefit your company, make sure to request your free quote at the bottom of the page.

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Keep The Job Site Efficient

The construction industry is full of decisions with very high stakes. With profits on the line and deadlines approaching, you can’t allow a mistranslation or lack of translation set you back. It doesn’t take much for a little miscommunication to lead to disastrous outcomes, as many other construction companies could tell you. You don’t want to be the one that couldn’t get the job done because you neglected to ensure communication was smooth and effective.

By relying on a less than reputable translation method, drastic problems may come up. It can be as simple as a single word or phrase, but if documents aren’t filled out accurately or if employees don’t know what they should be doing, you’ll find the success of your construction project very dramatically go down.

Protect the time and money you’re putting into the work of your construction company by partnering with GlobalSpeak Translations. We are the smart choice for keeping your investment secure, as our team is completely dedicated to providing accurate translations. Let GlobalSpeak Translations handle all the construction translations you need, from basic blueprints to instructions pertaining to relevant codes in the area, and keep your construction site operations efficient with error-free translations.

Keep Your Job Site Safe

Even more important than keeping things moving along smoothly is ensuring that nobody suffers any injuries in the process. A lack of translated material can make a construction job site just as hazardous as if any other important safety precautions were neglected. There may not be overt hazards blocking pathways, but not having important information in every team member’s hands could just as easily cause deadly accidents. While you may be tempted to take the easy or cheap way towards project completion, the lives of your staff are more important. You don’t want everyone to remember your construction site as one where they didn’t care enough about their workers to keep safety the top priority. Keep everyone safe and avoid a public relations disaster by having safety information accurately translated into the languages that everyone working on the construction site understands.

When workers can read the instructions for a new piece of equipment and quickly understand a construction site’s warning sign, you can more easily trust everyone to safe safe. Ensuring safety is worth the cost for quality in your translation services. With injuries occurring so often on construction sites and even small errors in translation contributing to safety concerns, your best interests lie with GlobalSpeak Translations. Our professional construction industry translators can guarantee accurate translations that will get everyone on the same page so injuries are avoided and your business’ credibility is maintained. Turn to GlobalSpeak Translations for quality translations of safety guidelines and other important construction site safety materials.

Comply With Local Regulations

Construction projects are subject to various regulations for safety, quality, and permission, but what is required will often vary depending on location. In the foreign countries where many of our clients work on construction projects for oil and gas, the local zoning codes and safety regulations are very different. No matter how large or small your construction project is, you will need to submit some documentation, and translation may often be required to get it right.

If you are in a foreign country, they will expect documents to be in the country’s official language, so handing in your permit in English is not going to cut it. Even within the United States though, construction translation services may be needed just to comply with local regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor requires safety training for employees to be conducted in a language all workers can understand. You might also have trouble with a language barrier keeping you from understanding what the regional regulations are in the first place, and a roadblock like this can really set your progress back.

Accurate translation is important in any area of the world for making sure that noncompliance with regulations doesn’t cause your construction company any problems. The project managers at GlobalSpeak Translations don’t allow incorrect translations to slip past them. We will make sure that you get a completely accurate translation of your construction documents that will put you within the requirements of the local government.

Keep Up With Technological Developments

New processes are always coming out for the construction industry. As you grow and adapt to the technological developments that impact your construction project, many of your employees may end up lagging behind. New information can be difficult to process for anybody, but if that information is coming to you in a language you don’t know or only barely understand, keeping up could be just about impossible.

With construction translation services, everyone can be kept up to date on all the new technology coming onto the scene for construction sites. If you want to avoid a language barrier keeping you from moving technologically with the times, rely on GlobalSpeak Translations. Over our years of experience, we’ve had to progress with the technology of our translation industry. We can also help you progress along with the rest of the construction companies as new developments are made in the construction industry.

You can rely on GlobalSpeak Translations to keep up with the fast pace world of technology without letting a single important detail slip through. All of our document translations are absolutely accurate, even when the information conveyed in them is that of cutting-edge innovation.

Some of the Engineering And Construction Translations We Perform Include:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Valuations
  • Operation manuals
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patents
  • HR manuals translations
  • Legal contract translations
  • Real estate investment reports
  • Bid document translations
  • Responses to RFPs
  • Emergency response plans
  • Safety training materials
  • MSDS sheets translations
  • Annual reports translations
  • Architect planning
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • White papers translations
  • Website translations
  • Documentation translations
  • Proposal translations

Our Process

Our mission is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for your company to get the accurate translations it needs for important construction documents. You can learn all about our standard translation process below, but please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have a specific need that has not been addressed.


Every construction translation project we take on begins with a quote. You can upload a sample of the construction documents you need translated, or you can upload them all. You should also provide us with information about the source language, target language, and any other relevant information. More information is always helpful for us, as it allows us to develop an accurate and reasonable timeline for your translation project.


One of our project managers will create a proposal and schedule for your construction translation and send it to you for your review.

Document Review

After you have approved the budget and timeline, one of our professional translators will begin reviewing your documents to gain a better understanding of the linguistic and industry-specific context. We recognize that translations of construction documents require an extensive knowledge of the material in order to get the highest quality translation, and you can rest assured that your documents will be placed in the hands of a capable and experienced industry expert.

Construction Translation

The construction translator assigned to your project will then read and translate the original construction document into the target language, providing an accurate translation by capturing the context of the document and using correct construction industry terminology.


Our construction supervisor will review the translation’s accuracy and syntax. We will make any necessary revisions before submitting the construction documents to you for your approval. If you would like us to make any changes to the documents, we will make them quickly and track all of the edits in our notes.


The project manager assigned to your project will gather all of the construction documents that have been translated and check to ensure that they are the high quality product you require. We will ensure that you receive your documents and that you are satisfied with the final result.

Choose GlobalSpeak For All Of Your Construction Translation Needs!

The construction industry needs highly accurate translations for its important construction documents. As a Top Rated Local® translation company serving the entire United States, as well as companies working abroad, GlobalSpeak Translations offers the type of quality that you’re looking for.

With us providing your construction translation services, your construction site will operate with efficient communication, even if information has to be shared between speakers of Chinese, Spanish, English, German, Arabic, and Russian. We do translations between these languages and so many more. Whatever your translation needs are, the GlobalSpeak Translations translators, with our over 25 years of experience, have the language skills and industry specific expertise to get your construction translations done right.

Still not sure? Check out our testimonials and then check below for your free quote. We look forward to getting our conversation started.

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