1. Translation Services Company: Your Partner in Perfect Language Interpretation

    As our world becomes increasingly connected, the ability to communicate seamlessly across language barriers becomes all the more crucial. Whether it's for personal reasons or to expand your business reach, using a professional translation services company to accurately portray the correct dialect is vital. Without this, misunderstanding and miscommunication may occur, jeopardizing relationships… Read More
  2. international

    Translators Can Have More Impact Than Weapons

    Throughout history interpreters have been used during times of warfare in a variety of ways. As warfare exists across borders this involves a multilingual and multicultural environment. In these environments honest communication is key and the need for ethical international translation services rise. This is where translators can start to have more impact… Read More
  3. branding

    The Value of Your Brand

    Growing your company into new markets, with different languages and cultures, is no easy task. We understand how hard you and your team have worked to improve your brand awareness in new locations. How the public perceives your company is extremely important to the longevity of your operations in new markets. At GlobalSpeak… Read More
  4. branding

    What it Means to Protect Your Company’s Branding

    Here at GlobalSpeak Translations one of our company’s goals is to always protect your company’s branding. We understand the great lengths you have gone to in order to create and develop your brand no matter the length of time it has taken. Our roll in your company plays a significant part in how… Read More
  5. starting line

    On Your Mark, Get Set…

    Go! Well, almost. Have you felt like your high performance business has been ready and literally waiting at the starting line for over a year? Good news is that the horn has sounded and the gates have slowly opened. As we reemerge into a post-pandemic world, businesses need to adjust and pivot accordingly.… Read More
  6. Market Reopening Post-Pandemic

    As vaccines continue to be administered worldwide in the ongoing battle against COVID19, businesses are continuing to push forward to ensure their own survival. Local businesses are thriving on the support of their communities as consumers continue to shop locally. On a larger scale, national and international companies are finding themselves reevaluating their… Read More
  7. Business in a Post COVID19 World

    Throughout the COVID19 lockdown, businesses have had to constantly adapt and press forward to continue to maintain their stride. As the lockdown comes to an end, we can already see the effects the pandemic has had on a business on all levels.    Businesses on a local scale are having to figure out… Read More
  8. Translation vs Interpretation

    The terms translation and interpretation are often used as synonyms for each other.  Although they both are linguistic disciplines and deal with communicating across different languages, they are their own mediums. Each has its own skills and training that best allows the professional to work with what client needs.     In short, translation… Read More
  9. The Cannabis Industry and GlobalSpeak Translation Services

    As of January 2021, Mexico became another country to legalize medical cannabis use. It joins Switzerland, Canada, Peru and many other countries who have already legalized medical cannabis. As the number of countries increase so does the need for reliable translations within the cannabis industry.    The processing, importing and exporting of cannabis… Read More
  10. Understanding Different Types of Translation Services

    How many types of translation are there? What are the most important ones? Are there different types of translators? Read the article below and you will have answers to these questions and know more about a very important industry that affects the lives of nearly everyone on the planet! Legal Translation: Legal translation… Read More