The distance between countries is shrinking all the time due to globalization. However, as this distance recedes the one thing that still separates various cultures is language. Business people in particular find it necessary to be able to communicate with other professionals around the world whose first language is not the same as their own. Here at GlobalSpeak Translations, we recognize that in order to be a good interpreter, the following 6 attributes are a must:

  • Well read and knowledgeable: An interpreter needs to be able to switch between multiple languages in a limited time frame. Moreover, an interpreter must have an exceptional command over various languages. Someone who has a casual command of the language will not do. Finally, an interpreter should have excellent vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • Be an extremely good listener: Interpreters must be able to pick up every word and intent of everything that they are to translate and relay to the other party. This means that he/she must be able to listen carefully and perceive the nuisances in tone, context, etc.
  • Interpreters must be ethical: Interpreters are often privy to confidential or sensitive information. This information can be in the form of social security numbers, credit scores, medical and legal information, etc. Therefore they must be willing to protect client privacy. 
  • Must have subject knowledge: It is critical that interpreters be able to understand the subject material of a conversation they need to interpret. The interpreter should therefore be ready to familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Here some research may be required.
  • Good research skills: A successful interpreter should have good research skills so that they can understand the local culture and lifestyle of the people they are translating for. This helps increase the interpreter’s effectiveness.
  • Must be able to handle stress: Interpreters must sometimes deal with speakers who may not always speak with clarity. At times like this they must be able to remain cool and relaxed, even in seemingly tough situations.

In short, our translation services bridge the gap that exists between countries. So, if you are seeking linguistic experts, our highly qualified interpreters will help you every step of the way be it in court hearings, international meetings, seminars or any other setting.